Retaining browser scrollTop between page refreshes

Sometimes when you develop web applications with CRUD pages and other backend functionalities you need retain the vertical scrollbar state between page loads. This gives the user a smoother experience, especially when your application doesn’t do any AJAX but it’s based of good old full HTML page request-responses.

We’ll be using jQuery and the cookie plugin:

  // if current viewport height is at least 70% of the previous
  if ($(document.body).height()>$.cookie('h2')*0.7)
    // retain previous scroll
  // store current scroll
  $.cookie('h1', $(window).scrollTop());
  // store current viewport height
  $.cookie('h2', $(document.body).height());

We can completely skip the h2 cookie and the if statement but this is an automatic way to prevent scrolling to the very bottom of a short page when coming from a long page. Such use case is common when jumping from the “long list of items” to the “edit an item” page.

Good luck

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