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Disabling quartz and ehcache UpdateChecker

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Last year Terracotta acquired ehcache and quartz and it was all good an exciting news. The problem is that since then they’ve included an automatic update checker on these two libraries which is turned on by default!

What this does is to connect to as soon as you bootstrap your application, send some info (!) and get a response back on whether you are currently using the latest version of the library.
firewall complaining that a Java process wants to connect to

You’ll get something this on your logs for ehcache:

2010-08-16 11:18:04,794 DEBUG ( - Checking for update...
2010-08-16 11:18:05,934 INFO  ( - New update(s) found: 2.2.0 Please check for the latest version.

and for quartz:

2010-08-16 11:15:58,218 DEBUG ( - Checking for available updated version of Quartz...
2010-08-16 11:16:01,734 INFO  ( - New Quartz update(s) found: 1.8.4 []

Terracotta gives an explanation on why they did this but no matter how you try it still makes your brain hurt and wonder what would happen if every vendor of Java libraries did this. Complete misery.

Disabling this check is highly recommended both on development and production.

For ehcache you need to add:


in your ehcache.xml root element (<ehcache>) and:


in your file.

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