I am a software engineer from Greece – 31 years old. I currently build web applications using Java. I’m very interested in content management systems, high performance web applications, design patterns and the web.

My minimal and insignificant contributions to open source and other communities:

  • wikileaks: 50 euros
  • software engineering radio: 40 usd
  • greenpeace: 30 euros (per year)
  • apache: 5 usd
  • jquery: 5 usd
  • OWASP: tshirt+cup
  • apache: tshirt
  • patch to hibernate
  • patch to lenya
  • patch to jCal (js datepicker)
  • test cases to crosswire.org diff engine
  • bugs to FCKeditor
  • bugs to jQuery
  • bug to freemarker
  • bug to objectify-appengine
  • bug to firefox
  • bug to zen-coding
  • translation to jQuery date input plugin
  • translation to shadowbox
  • translation patches to bbclone.de

You can find me at: